Meet The Team

Array Digitals would not be where it is now without the dedication and perseverance of its employees.

A company is built on its beliefs, ideals, support, and, most importantly, its employees. Running a profitable and leading digital firm would be difficult without a team. We have the best software engineers, designers, and project strategists working together to ensure that all your digital needs are met.

We applaud our competent, dedicated, and expert team members' strategic planning, processing, designing, development, and execution at Array Digital.


Nasir Zia

Founder & Managing Partner

Nasir is a Digital Transformation Enthusiast, having over a decade of digital implementation and software development experience in the IT Industry with special expertise in product development including but not limited to CRM, HRM and Business Management Systems.

Nasir have a great passion for processes and workflows. In his past roles he have optimized the organizational tech-systems and implemented it to wider groups, hence enhanced the organizational efficiency, productivity and revenue.

Nasir founded [Array Digitals] as a digital transformation company which focuses on emerging & modern technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, 5G, Mobility, Cybersecurity, Customer Experience (CX), Blockchain and Web 3.0

Abdul Rafay Farooqui

Chief Operating Officer

He runs and controls the organization's operations by strategically planning digital products and directing the production, development, and sales teams. Rafay generates great product development ideas and ensures error-free design and development processes.

He keeps Array Digitals' operations running smoothly by optimizing the duties of each team member while also meeting the brand's objectives.

Yousuf Ameer

Business Unit Operations Head

Yousuf Ameer is the Business Unit Head at Array Digitals.

He is in charge of keeping the business unit running smoothly and efficiently. Yousuf keeps the development team in line by ensuring that operations run smoothly and without hiccups. In addition, he strategically conceives and constructs sales journeys to meet project objectives.

Yousuf also prepares new marketing ways to boost product sales while managing the business unit.

Maham Tahir

Project Manager

Maham is the Project Manager at Array Digitals.

She leverages her extensive experience as Assistant Brand Manager to oversee and lead various projects within the organization. Known for her strategic thinking and innovative approach, Maham is responsible for ensuring the successful planning, execution, and completion of projects, aligning them with the company's objectives and vision. Her strong background in brand management, ideation, and content creation undoubtedly contribute to the efficient delivery of projects.